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All about Volpy

What is "Volpy"?

Analysing, buying and quickly paying for you mobile phone, that’s VOLPY.
VOLPY is an application that quickly and easily analyses the condition of your smartphone, assesses its value and then offers you a set price. If you accept the price, you’ll receive quick payment for your phone, meaning the moment you post it or when it’s received*!
Now your smartphones can be sold in a flash and earn you money all while protecting the environment, instead of collecting dust in a drawer somewhere.

* Via PayPal in a few hours after the post office has taken your packaged mobile, or by bank transfer within 48 hours or by cheque in 2 to 3 days from the time your smartphone is received at Volpy.

At Volpy, we’ve thought of everything to make the process quick, easy and reliable!

Smartphones go through the usual story that we hear every day.
You buy one, use it, show it around, get attached to it, get sick of it, think it’s useful, great, too heavy, beautiful, total junk, not so bad… It takes up a far larger space in our daily lives than most other objects. In our personal, social, professional lives, it is always with us… Whether you love it or hate, in the end you can’t get along without it.
We know that our smartphones have a limited lifespan. And your phone, you keep it for how long? At the office here, we’ve run the numbers, and it’s about 18 months on average.

Some people only keep their phones for 6 months! In short, there are many reasons for a phone to reach the end of its days faster than expected. In general, there are three reasons:
• It becomes obsolete and/or no longer functions to its full capacity
• It breaks, and of course, it’s not insured
• It works great, but you just need to have the latest model!

We can’t deny it: we’ve all experienced one of these three situations.
Then there is the problem of getting a new phone. As usual, they’re expensive, really expensive… Most of the time, you contact your mobile operator to see about their offers. And once you have your new phone in your hands, what do you do with the old one?
• You sell it to your mobile operator for peanuts
• You keep it as a replacement but never use it
• You give it away, losing the chance at a good deal
• You sell it after enduring the greed of unscrupulous manufacturers or the frustrations of individual, private sales
• You don’t throw it away because you wouldn’t pollute the planet

But then is there another way?

Today, there’s Volpy!
From now on you can sell your phone quickly and easily to Volpy, an eco-responsible operator, without any unpleasant surprises.
Volpy sure seems confident. Well, yeah.
At Volpy, we’re confident in what we’re doing and it’s not for nothing. We worked hard to understand why so few mobile phones are recycled. In the end, we have come up with a way to offer a solution that makes it simple and easy to resell your smartphone for the greater benefit of the environment.

One small point: A smartphone recycled through Volpy means that we analyse, assess and repurchase your smartphone. Yes, others already do that, but Volpy offers to do it through a mobile app that gives you a set price for your smartphone in just a few minutes. You manage your smartphone’s sale yourself. Once it is dropped off at a delivery point or at the post office for free, you receive immediate payment! And like we said, no unpleasant surprises! Now it gets interesting.
Ok, can we start from the beginning, please?

Here’s the recap!

• You have a smartphone.
• You want to get rid of it (and receive a decent amount in the transaction)
You download the Volpy app
• We go over your phone together in less than 5 minutes using our easy app and our technical tests for your phone.
• At the end of these tests, you will receive a set repurchase price through the app. Then you can accept the offer.
• You ask for a prepaid envelop or a courier service. You drop off the phone and then your account is quickly credited with the agreed upon amount.

Ok, I understand! Selling my smartphone is finally easy!

Volpy is quick, easy and reliable.

Behind Volpy there are three entrepreneurs who responded to an overlooked need by offering a simple and accessible service. And all that was done so they could help the planet by making a large-scale collection of electronic waste.

So, you want to give it a try?