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You can exchange your smartphone freely and easily

Volpy makes it easy. You trade it in for the mobile of your choice and you only pay the difference!
Or, You can simply sell it.

With Volpy,
it’s so easy!

You only pay
the difference

Never without
your smartphone

We offer
free shipping

3 to 24 months

Customer service
100% reactive

Payment plan
without fees


your smartphone

Trade in your smartphone with Volpy

The switch is easy:

You download Volpy and go through a series of tests in 3 minutes.
You choose your new smartphone and receive it the next day.
You send your old smartphone and then only pay the difference.

Another 24-month commitment. Buying a new one for €1,200.
Those days are over thanks to Volpy!

You can now trade in your old smartphone for a new one from a selection of new or reconditioned mobiles at unbeatable prices and under your own control.

You receive your new mobile, send back your old one and only pay the difference!


your smartphone

Avec Volpy, vendez votre smartphone

Selling your smartphone in a few minutes :

You download Volpy and go through a series of tests in 3 minutes.
You choose your mailing method and post your mobile for free.
We receive your mobile, and you receive payment.

Selling your smartphone has never been so quick and easy!

Volpy offers to assess and buy your smartphone in just a few minutes!

You perform a series of tests and receive a repurchasing offer immediately.

You accept the price, send off your mobile phone and receive your payment!

Approved by

our customers

  • Mélanie

  • Hugo

  • Benjamin

  • Lucie

  • Romain

  • Tests in less than 3 minutes and an immediate repurchasing offer. I chose to trade in my phone and I received my new smartphone the next day! I sent off my old one and it all worked out great.

  • No more hassles with LeBonCoin and the fear of receiving nothing. Volpy is secure and free of any bad surprises! I recommend it.

  • I exchanged my iPhone 8 for an iPhone X for a difference of just €360 and without any commitment. I never thought that would be possible!

  • My new smartphone arrived properly packaged and protected. The product was just what I ordered without any scratches!

  • Great customer service that answered all of my questions! Thanks Elodie and Alexandre!

They recommend Volpy

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Fast, Simple, Efficient

How to use Volpy ?

1. An intuitive application

You download the app on the App Store or Google Play. Once it is opened, your mobile goes through a series of simple tests in less than 3 minutes.

2. An immediate estimate

After the tests are finished, Volpy instantly offers you a set price. It then up to you to accept the proposed offer through the application.


3. One application, two solutions

Once the offer is accepted, you have two choices: sell your mobile or exchange it for a new one!

4. Fast, efficient service

If you decide to sell your mobile, you will receive payment when your phone arrives at Volpy! If you choose to trade it in, you will receive a new phone within 24 hours. Then you send off the old one and only pay the difference!

As easy as can be

Sending and receiving your smartphone

After choosing between exchanging and selling your mobile, you only have to receive and/or send your smartphone.
It’s always that simple!

Once the exchange offer is accepted you will first receive your new mobile very quickly by 24-hour Chronopost.

Since Volpy looks after you, you’ll never be without a phone!

In the package will be an envelop for posting your old mobile. You have 48 hours to make the exchange, so it leaves you enough time to transfer your data from one phone to the other.

As soon as your old mobile arrives at Volpy, the exchange is complete!

Volpy : le switch

We have a new service where couriers can pick up your phone in Paris or the surrounding region at your home, the office or anywhere you want!

All you need to do is choose a 2-hour time slot in the next day, from Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.! Whenever you want!

At the courier pick-up point that you choose, we check over the mobile phone together in just 5 minutes. The courier picks it up and Volpy sends out the payment (*).

(*) starting when the smartphone is received: PayPal in a few hours, bank transfer in 24 hours or cheque in 1 to 2 days.

Volpy : coursier à domicile

If you prefer, Volpy can also send you a registered envelope that you’ll receive within 48 hours.

Once you receive the envelope, you slide your mobile into it and fill out the tracking number in the application to follow the package.

Then all you have to do is drop off the package in a Poste letterbox. Volpy will then quickly send out payment (*).

(*)starting when the smartphone is received: PayPal in a few hours, bank transfer in 24 hours or cheque in 1 to 2 days.

Volpy : enveloppe prépayée

Why Volpy recycles?

Since 2016, humanity has been consuming more natural resources than the planet can produce.

Each smartphone requires 70 kg of raw materials. By not recycling our smartphones when it’s time to change them, we create an extremely harmful cycle of overconsumption and increase the production electronic waste.

It’s necessary to find a solution, and with Volpy we strongly believe that something as necessary as this should be easy and affordable. That’s why we wanted to create this new service and it’s why we now provide a second life to your smartphone.

And to demonstrate our commitment, we transfer €2 directly to our partner Pur Projet for each mobile phone we collect.

Your smartphone reconditioned by

Our experts

You sell your smartphone and if its condition allows it, our experts refurbish it and offer it on our mobile exchange service.
They are the linchpin of our circular economy!

  • Samuel Joseph

    iOS Certified Apple Technician

    I have Apple certification and I perform diagnostic tests on the iPhones we receive and then sort and recondition the best models that we resell directly through the switch solution…

  • Nicolas Cesari

    Flow & diagnostic manager

    I manage the flow and stock of telephones from their entrance to their exit in the circuit. I perform diagnostics and sorting for Android phones. I also work on the optimisation of all the operator processes.

Volpy working alongside Pur Projet

Smartphone manufacturing plays a key role in the over-exploitation of natural resources.
At Volpy, we want to help limit this phenomenon, which contributes in particular to extensive deforestation.

Together, we offer you a chance to participate in implementing better integration of human activities in forest ecosystems.

How? For each telephone collected, you contribute to one of many reforestation projects around the world.
Where? You can choose among four countries: France, Ethiopia, Indonesia or Peru.

Environmental concerns are at the very core of our project!

Downloading the application

Download the application and go through our series of tests immediately!
only available in france

Download the application and go through our series of tests immediately!
only available in france


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